A successful entrepreneur, Yann is the founder of the Womanity Foundation, which operates programs in seven countries including the first radio station run by and for women in the Middle East.

Meet Yann Borgstedt

Mother, wife, social investor, survivor of domestic violence. Indrani is passionate about and invested in ending gender-based violence within her lifetime.

Meet Indrani Goradia

Gail never realized the impact that she could have in the world. But she and her husband funded a community development program in Senegal — changing the lives of 8,000 people forever.

Meet Gail Kaneb

Battling the issue of unintended teen pregnancy in Tanzania, Pam advocates for change and aims to improve the delivery health services to girls and women.

Meet Pam Scott

Joining Women Moving Millions helped Jacki overcome her fears about the visibility of giving a big and bold gift, and redirected her energy toward developing what has become her dynamic philanthropic leadership.

Meet Jacki Zehner